AVForums Picture Perfect Campaign

AVForums Picture Perfect Campaign

The PicturePerfect campaign is supported by movie directors, TV manufacturers, The Gadget Show and top standards specialists. Recently reported on by the BBC and the Daily Telegraph and a host of leading media outlets, it aims to raise awareness that if a TV is set up properly…

  • It will look better
  • it may use less energy
  • you may find it less tiring to watch

So when you consider that Britons spend on average over 3 hours (192 minutes) a day watching TV, we agree with the campaign that it’s worth spending a little time getting your TVs looking as good as possible.  The changes highlighted don’t need any special skills or equipment and the instructions are all freely available at the following website www.MyPerfectPicture.tv.

Well done AVForums – we’re 100% behind the campign and are glad you’ve got the coverage you deserve for putting in the effort to improve everyone’s experience with TV.

Watch the video below which explains the difference and then start the Three easy to follow steps by clicking on this link to the AVForums website

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