At Azro we understand the specific needs and unique requirements of our hotel and entertainment customers, to keep their high profile guests coming back to them with a first class, distinguished service.


With one remote, guests can control curtains and blinds, lights, temperature, TV and music. They can schedule wake up calls, request room service and more. And through one easy-to-use system, hotel staff are always just one touch away from ensuring the perfect stay.

Hospitality Cinema and Smart Homes

Brilliant Guest Experiences

The mixture of products we work with and the experience we have means that we can make it easy and effortless for hospitality service and sustainability to coexist without compromising comfort, quality or luxury.


Here are some examples of how our solutions can impress your guests:

  • Guests can control all the lights, thermostats and fireplace, as well as request concierge services from the easy-to-use TV menu.
  • One-touch energy settings manage lighting and heating / air conditioning, creating an unforgettable, personalised guest experience that can complement a hotel’s sustainability effort.
  • The “Wake Up” scene allows lights to gradually come on over a 15-minute period to simulate the sun rising. It can also include turning on the TV to a favourite morning news station, and automatically opening curtains or blinds to let natural light into the room.
  • Enjoy energy efficiency with automatic “unoccupied” guest room sensors.


To discuss our solutions for Hotels and Restaurants and the many benefits possible, please contact us.

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