Assisted Living

Technology advancements in home automation and control have brought a wide number of benefits to people suffering from disabilities.  Having worked on several projects within this area we feel we are well placed to offer solutions that aid in lifestyle and help with independence.

Some of the areas of technology that are specifically well suited to Assisted Living projects are:

  • Automated Window and Door openers for internal doors (also called environmental controls)
  • Voice Control systems
  • Lighting Control systems, including control of sensory rooms
  • Video intercom and Door Entry solutions


Assisted Living Cinema and Smart Homes

One of the other main advantages to the solutions we offer is the intuitive nature of the products, which is well suited to scenarios where there is a care team.  The most common problem we encounter is that a constantly changing care team struggle to understand the technology in order to use effectively for the benefit of the patient, without an intuitive control system to pull together all of the systems in to one interface that is easy to use.



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