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Technology is not getting any simpler.  With more and more smart electronics being launched, our world is becoming more cluttered and complicated than ever.  Wouldn’t it be great if the technology in our homes all just worked together?


Azro specialise in providing simple, affordable and discrete solutions to intelligently control almost any aspect of your home, typically through one easy to use interface.  Bringing together the different technologies can improve comfort, convenience, safety and can also bring benefits such as energy saving.

Home Owners Cinema and Smart Homes

Imagine a home where in any room you can listen to your favourite music, watch TV, adjust lights or even lock your front door, all at the touch of a button.  Add to that no wires, no ugly black boxes and no hassle.

This is your 21st Century Home

Entertainment is made easy too, with the pile of remotes on the coffee table replaced with a single remote or even touch panel.  At the touch of a button why not change your family room in to a cinema room by simply selecting a film from the same remote control.  Watch the projector and projector screen appear from the ceiling, your curtains close, the lights dim and your favourite film starts playing from the invisible in-wall speakers.


This is smart home technology from Azro.

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