Apple Annouce HomeKit for iOS8

Apple Annouce HomeKit for iOS8

Apple Annouce HomeKit for iOS8 Cinema and Smart Homes

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote 2014 had some interesting (yet somewhat expected) news for our Industry in the form of HomeKit.  Apple HomeKit was definitely the buzz before the event began and Apple didn’t leave fans waiting. Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering showed off Apple HomeKit.

Essentially it will allow users to connect their iPhone/iPad and control items like garage-door openers, lights, and security cameras, even thermostats and switches.  Whilst this is something that has been possible through existing control systems to date, this latest addition to iOS will allow iPhone users to control individual smart home devices.  There are currently a wide range of devices that are iPhone enabled and have their own app to control, but what Apple is introducing with HomeKit is a way of pulling together all of those apps in to one place, allowing a better level of control.  The exmaple used by Craig Federighi was simply saying to Siri “Get ready for bed” and the house lights will dim and the garage door will close. Of course you’ll need to have products that are certified for the HomeKit.

This is a brilliant announcement for our industry and brings Home Control and Smart Homes to the masses.  There has always been a perception that this sort of technology is the preserve of the rich and famous and that is something we are always trying to battle.  This latest annoucement from Apple compliments the existing offerings we have from companies such as Control4, but doesn’t replace them.  Control4 for example, is still far more capable and control is extended to Audio, Video and Lighting – something that the offering from Apple doesn’t quite achieve.  But exciting times none the less.

If you would like to know more about the technologies, how they work and how you could incorporate them in to your home then get in touch.

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